Window Replacement Dallas TX, Expert Tips!

Window Replacement Dallas TX

Window Replacement Dallas TX

Windows have a dramatic impact on a home’s energy efficiency. If the windows on your Dallas-area home have seen better days, you’re probably paying way more than you should to maintain optimal indoor comfort. While you may be tempted to repair or improve your existing windows, doing so only helps so much. By replacing them with more energy-efficient replacements, your savings will extend far into the future. The Window Experts can help.

Stop Paying to Heat and Cool the Neighborhood

All windows wear down over time. Simultaneously, advances in window technologies mean that newer models offer more energy-efficient designs. The difference between older windows and new, energy efficient ones can be considerable. According to the Department of Energy, for example, upgrading to ENERGY STAR rated windows can save you 7 to 15 percent, or around $71 to $501, per year on energy costs.

Save Energy and Money

Opting for window replacement Dallas TX by The Window Experts is one of the best ways to keep energy costs in check. We carry a huge selection of energy-efficient styles by some of today’s most respected manufacturers. Our team can help you select the options and features that will work best for your home. Some considerations to make when shopping for replacement windows include:

  • Style – Certain types of windows allow less air leakage than others. Single- and double-hung and single- and double-sliding windows generally excel in this regard while casement, hopper and awning styles often fall short. However, virtually any window style can be quite energy efficient if it is enhanced with special features like double or triple panes and glazing.
  • Glazing – As window replacement Dallas TX experts, The Window Experts can help you select the right glazing option to reduce solar hear gain. Low-e is among the most popular, but tinted and reflective coatings offer many advantages as well.
  • Double- and Triple-Pane – Opting for double- or triple-pane windows is an especially energy-efficient choice, and we carry a vast array of such styles. The areas between panes can also be filled with inert gases like argon to enhance their insulating qualities. These gases help to prevent heat flow in or out of the home through its windows, so conditioned air is less likely to escape and outside air is less likely to seep in.

Upgrade Your Windows Today with The Window Experts

Nobody likes getting sticker shock whenever they open their heating and cooling bill. If your energy costs are spiraling out of control, replacement windows are sure to make a huge difference. You will recoup your initial investment–and then some–in the form of significant energy savings, so this is one home improvement project that’s worth every penny. Learn more by calling The Window Experts today.


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