Dallas Replacement Window Styles

The “style” of a window refers to how it opens. Windows can open vertically, horizontally or outward via hinges. They can also be a fixed windows (non-opening).

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How Do You Know What Style To Buy?

First of all, here’s an easy guide, then more detail down below:

  • Double Hung Windows = Operates vertically, both bottom and top sash open.
  • Single Hung Window = Operates vertically but, just the bottom sash opens.
  • Slider/Sliding Windows = Window opens up horizontally. One side and sometimes both sides open.
  • Casement Window = This type has a crank handle and opens up to the outside from a hinge on the side. Screen is inside.
  • Picture Window = Does not open. Fixed in place window.
  • Hopper Window = Has a crank like a casement but has the hinge on the bottom. Opens to the inside.
  • Awning Window = Again, similar to a casement but is hinged at the top. Usually opens out.
  • Geometric Window = Quite simply, a picture window (most of the time) that is in a shape such as a circle, half moon, any polygon shapes.
  • Bay Window = This style juts out from the home and usually incorporates a larger sill for a window seat. Bay windows are usually made up of just 3 windows.
  • Bow Window = Similar in style to a Bay window and usually incorporates a larger sill for a window seat. Bow windows are usually made up of more than three windows.
  • Garden Window = Popular in kitchens to use for decorations and plants, they resemble a small greenhouse attached to the window opening.

When replacing windows, most home owners tend to go with a style that closely matches the existing style. But, you don’t have to stay with the same look.

A window’s style can dramatically change the look of your home and can change the amount of light entering your home as well as open up the view from your home. These are just a few of the reasons for changing styles.

Can You Change Styles With Replacement Windows?

The short answer is Yes! Almost any opening can accommodate any style with a few exceptions. One exception is size. Not all styles are available in all sizes. There are minimum and maximum sizes on every window. One other possible exception is window egress. Basically, this applies to bedroom windows and means that they need to be used as potential emergency exits. The general rule for egress is 9 square feet of opening (3 feet by 3 feet).

That being said, the best way to determine is you can replace a single hung with a casement, for example, is to have us out for your free measurement and quote.

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