Houston Milgard Single Hung Windows Perfect Replacement Solution

Why Milgard Single Hung Windows are the perfect replacement solutions?

Milgard Single Hung Windows

Many homeowners whose houses were constructed mid-century can’t help but notice cracked window panes, warped wood and other signs of aging when they take a closer inspection of their current windows. The Window Experts has the best cost effective solution for houses that are beginning to show their age due to window deterioration. Houston Milgard Single Hung Windows are an affordable and versatile replacement window choice for any style of modern home construction.

Space Saving

Because single hung windows open only in an up and down direction, they require no interior space and are great for use in homes where space is limited. The sash in a single hung window is fixed at the top, with the bottom sash the only moveable portion. Single hung windows are the ideal solution for smaller rooms in the house, including studies, bathrooms and guest rooms.

Added Security

The locking system used in single hung windows requires only one lock in order to secure the window from outside intrusion. Many homeowners prefer single hung windows when choosing replacement windows because they lock with one simple motion and offer the advantage of convenient security.

Fresh Air

Homeowners can enjoy the option of having fresh air circulate throughout their rooms when they choose Houston Milgard Single Hung Windows. Having a fresh breeze circulate throughout the room is as easy as moving the bottom sash to the up position to allow air to flow in and out.

Energy Efficiency

Because this style of window features only one movable sash, the risk of air leakage as the window ages is greatly decreased. The Window Experts offers Houston Milgard Single Hung Windows exclusively because the Milgard brand features the latest in improved technology, including energy efficient glass, frame and insulation. When less air infiltrates through the window, energy efficiency improves when using heating and air conditioning systems, saving homeowners on their monthly energy bills. In addition, single hung windows can help prevent moisture from entering the home, decreasing the risk of rotting wood, mold and mildew.


Houston Milgard Single Hung Windows are an affordable replacement window option featuring only one moving sash for the ultimate in efficiency. Yet this style window can be successfully installed in such high traffic areas a hallways and entry ways, in addition to being a cost effective window treatment solution for small rooms where space is limited, such as guest bathrooms and studies. Single hung windows come in a choice of shapes, including arch, gothic and eyebrow.

Call The Window Experts and discover how to transform aging windows by replacing them with energy efficient Houston Milgard Single Hung Windows.


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